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05 February 2011 @ 01:42 pm
LJ Toll Theme  

Name: Maia
Age: 19
And hru feeling today? Sick. I have a terrible cold and just want to stay in bed all day. :(
Positive traits: mature. protective. maternal. patient. determined. hard-working. caring. organized. dedicated. dreamer. loving. intelligent. talented. kind. sweet. gentle. loyal. soft-spoken. traditional. classic. romantic. passive. classy. optimistic. girly. productive. stylish. theatrical. idealist. feminine. friendly. youthful. funny. kind. dorky. creative. reserved. passionate. compassionate. helpful. selfless. thoughtful. hopeful.
Negative traits: shy. moody. jealous. sensitive. stubborn. push-over. driven. emotional. quiet. introverted. easily nervous. worrier. cautious. sleepy. fragile. procrastinator. low self-esteem. clumsy. dramatic. cautious. vulnerable. indecisive. serious. bashful.

Describe your LJ persona: what?
Do you consider yourself popular on the livejournals? Do you like having a lot of friends or a smaller f-list? No. I'm not popular. I try not to stand out too much. I like having a medium sized one; I have like 50-some friends. But I'm always looking for more! :)
What kind of communities do you frequent? stamping and icons.
Are you the mod of any communities? Yes, several stamping ones.
Please link to your userinfo so we can view your communities and friends: here!

Pick all the ones that apply to you:
[] Enthusiastic
[] Excitable
[X] Reliable
[] Jokester
[] Exotic
[/] Secretive
[X] Spectator
[] Talkative
[] Genuine
[] Multiple sides/personalities
[/] Entertainment

[X] Role playing (RP)
[X] Stamping
[X] Graphics
[] Secrets
[] Sparkles
[] GIFs
[] ohnotheydidnt

Anything else? No.
Is there any one troll you do NOT think you are or would not like to receive? You tell me. :)
Did you vote on all the unstamped applications? do not lie Yes!

Voters: Options are here!